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Touch Displays

Exercises, plans and studio information in self-service

The exercise search offers all members the freedom to expand their exercise portfolio. Various filter criteria allow you to quickly find the exercises you want or to discover new inspirations and variations. The exercise can be "transported" directly to the device using a QR code scan and recorded there with the settings.

In addition to the exercise search, any number of training plans can be provided - also grouped by category. All plans can be viewed in detail on the display or scanned and used directly on the smartphone. There is also the option of sending the plans by email by entering them manually!


Screensaver as a digital information banner

If the display is not used for a defined period of time, the screen saver switches on. This has much greater potential than it initially appears. Any number of images (we recommend 3-5) can be stored here, which are then opened as a slideshow. This keeps members aware of important information about the studio. News, special offers, new regulations, etc. can be presented in an appealing visual way, do not incur printing costs and can be easily adjusted as often as you like. Examples include the introduction of new employees or the entire team, current hygiene and distance rules, WiFi access or special offers and competitions.

A QR code in the image to the corresponding web content makes it easier for the user to access it directly and easily.

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