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Changes due to the GDPR


The new General Data Protection Regulation will come into force on May 25, 2018, transforming previously loose guidelines into a general regulation. This applies to all companies and also private individuals within the EU who collect, process or store sensitive or personal data. Therefore, the fitness and training industry as well as the therapy industry are affected. As a company, in the future you will have to comply with new procedures for consenting to data storage as well as for providing information and transferring it at the customer's request. The GDPR provides for drastic penalties if these obligations are not met. Up to 4% of the annual turnover can apply as sanctions.

As a software development company, we are also subject to these rules and have made all preparations to comply with data protection regulations. And as your partner, we want to ensure and help you that you and your business also do everything properly in this area and prepare accordingly by May 25th.

AV contract


In this context, we are now asking you to download an AV contract (order data processing contract) in the Control Center. You are the client and commission us as a software company to process your customers' data on your behalf. The contract has already been drawn up by us, you just have to insert your company data, sign it and email a copy back to us.

This contract contains the content to be carried out by us for the GDPR with all areas such as identification of data groups and categories, legal aspects of data protection processes, the entire technical and organizational area, as well as the training and obligation of our employees on the subject of data protection.

We are prepared for our internal processes through various process directories and checklists and also provide you with this through the ready-made AV contract for support.


data protection_signatureipadfinger-3.png

Declaration of consent


Furthermore, we have prepared a prefabricated declaration of consent for data storage for your members or patients. You can use these exactly for your documents, or you can take excerpts and use them in your design and have them signed. An unrelenting step for you from May 25, 2018.

In our next update we will show in the interface of the trainer software and also in the Control Center which customers have not yet given a declaration of consent. Optionally, the entry of sensitive data can even be prevented before the declaration of consent has been signed.


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