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It has to be simple, fast and reliable.

Quality creates trust - the important work of the therapist at the table is and must never be neglected or underestimated. However, a healing and recovery process also includes the activation of very different structures. The combination of therapeutic application and active movement will optimally support the patient and athlete to become healthy, pain-free and productive again.

A recommended course of action for exercises - directly from the hand of the therapist is what patients want and increasingly expect

1500+ Exercises

with pictures, video & explanations 

additional plug-ins with exercises and plans (Dr. Wolff, Five, Extrafit, etc.)

150 + Therapy Plans

pre-made & editable, via app, email or printout

Adjustable plan duration with reminder function

own Exercises

Can be expanded as required and linked with your own images and videos

Own exercise folders can be defined per therapist

Anamnesis & Tests

with treatment documentation and pain history

automatically with the name/photo of the logged-in therapist

Own tests freely definable (screens, mobility, strength, etc.)

Optional: Online-Anamnesis

Chat bot for automated query before the start of treatment

the patient answers your questions in advance, including signature for data storage

Therapist team supplemented with treatment documentation


Interaction for better treatment success

Feedback via app or email

Note when feedback is received

Integration & Innovation
Web-based and live synchronization

Interfaces to other software and apps

Complete integration in Theorg and Thera-Connect


the patient receives their "homework" on the training app

Specific targets and load dosage can be set

Feedback through logging and chat function

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 15.07.52.png
Lanista in action for physiotherapy practices, clinics and therapists
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