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Effective reduction of fluctuation with the Eco-System

Quality creates trust - the important work of the therapist at the table is and must never be neglected or underestimated. However, a healing and recovery process also includes the activation of very different structures. The combination of therapeutic application and active movement will optimally support the patient and athlete to become healthy, pain-free and productive again.

A recommended course of action for exercises - directly from the hand of the therapist is what patients want and increasingly expect


80% automatic, 20% manual - this is how it works

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The interfaces to our studio management partners automatically access the master data and create new customers in Lanista.


Individually selected, completely automatically or via self-service, the new customer is taken to the online anamnesis where they automatically transmit their requirements, goals and wishes, as well as their consent to data protection and account activation via their smartphone or PC.


A trainer appointment can now be requested/booked or a plan can be selected using a filter function according to the customer's own wishes/requirements. The plan includes the time component through its duration. All subsequent reminders and contact requests are started as a result.

Reminder Function: 

This assigned plan is linked to a runtime duration which is linked to an automatic reminder function. There are the options: Continue to use plan, new appointment request/appointment booking with trainer, new plan from the filter system


If there is no response after the end of a plan, the customer automatically slips into the staff's to-do list. A mini-CRM contains the telephone number, email and the entire contact history for this customer so that they can be contacted easily.

Red List:
In addition, the trainers on the training area receive a list of all customers currently present who have no training plan or an outdated one. The quickest, easiest, most personal and at the same time most economical method is to contact the customer directly when he or she is on site.

The cycle of regular support and behavioral reinforcement is maintained - customers with an active and up-to-date training plan are significantly less likely to quit than "unsupervised" customers.


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