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Athletics & competitive sports
Success is no coincidence - according to this motto, we want to help athletics and club trainers to make their work easier.
The focus is on direct interaction with the athlete and how he - often on his own - controls his load. In the rehabilitation process as well as in performance development and load dosage, the athlete is dependent on the specific instructions of his trainer. This can be easily displayed for the athlete via the athlete app.
The competence team can be composed of several disciplines for the well-founded creation of these load specifications. We can differentiate between trainers, therapists and medical professionals. Lanista can use these as a communication platform.

- immediate overview of all log entries of the athletes

- Creation of your own folders to cluster the athletes

- Easily duplicable plans to cater for an entire team

- automatic reminder for athletes and coaches for new training content

(Rehabilitation phases, persiodization, etc.


- Extension with any number of own exercises including pictures, explanations, videos

- Your own tests can be freely defined (screens, mobility, strength, speed, reaction, etc.)

- own template plans for each trainer, for the team

- Plug-ins with extra exercises (therapy, various device manufacturers, etc.)


- within the team: everyone (therapists, trainers, doctors)

have access to the file

- to the athletes: chat history / online support for every exercise

- Plans, tests, anamnesis, course of therapy can be documented

- New entries automatically with the date and name of the creator

- Always in sync and accessible from anywhere

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- The athlete receives his "homework" on the training app

- The trainer has set specific guidelines and dosage levels

- Periodization over the plan duration easily feasible

- Feedback through logging and chat function


- Complete training history for each day / each exercise can be viewed

- Performance development (total load and 1RM) for each exercise

- anthropometric data in development

- Exercise dosage / density in the rehabilitation process always at a glance

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Lanista in professional use in clubs, performance centers and athletic trainers
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